This is a page of things I like—humans, organizations, tunes. Get inspired!

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Arcus Foundation

The Arcus Foundation is a wonderful grant-giving organization that funds places like GLSEN, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, The Audre Lorde Project, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Its focuses are in LGBTQ social justice and ape conservation. As a gay human and primate cousin, I can dig it. I am fortunate enough to work there as the online communications intern!



Broadly made a short documentary entitled “Seeking Asylum in the U.S. to Escape Trans Discrimination,” a brief snapshot of life for trans migrants in the Southwest. It is beautiful, heartbreaking, and informative. My heart hurts for my queer Latinx community, and I encourage you to get smart by watching.


MCC Theater

MCC Theater is committed to sharing the stories of those most marginalized (see: brown & queer people). One of my first artistic homes, MCC also gives youth a platform to share their own stories through their Youth Company—it changed my life and I’m certain the lives of many others. Please go see a show there, and celebrate their new HK home!

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JP Brammer

JuanPa is a brilliant Latinx queer writer, he’s the editor for the Trevor Project, and works for queer publication them. His advice column Hola Papi! has saved me on multiple occasions, most recently with his response to being white-passing and Latinx. His twitter is the lifeblood that runs through my jaded veins. Please go read the things he writes!


Sir Babygirl

Sir Babygirl is a bubblegum pop princess who really doesn’t give a shit about your gender binaries. Her new album Crush On Me is an absolute dream, my favorite tracks being Cheerleader, Pink Lite, and Haunted House (reprise). She is an unbelievable vocalist and theatre girl at heart, which we love.


My mother

She is perfect.